Nestle Company Ethics

1 January 2017

As I read through the article, I realized that the Nestle Corporation has been somewhat extreme in their ethical behavior internationally. The company has been able to get away with some “incidents” in which they were never really punished. Having said that, Nestle is a major multinational company that has been able to be successful internationally for a very long time. Nestle has been accused of genetically modified foods, overcharged prices, unfair labor practices, etc. But then again, a lot of other major multinational companies have done the same thing. In my opinion, the author was somewhat biased against Nestle.

Yes, I know that the Nestle Corporation hasn’t been in its best behavior and may have behaved unethically in some countries, but we also need to take into consideration that this big company has been doing what every other major company does, make profits. Even though they have been accused of some unethical things, they are still not doing anything illegal in the host countries in which they have distributed their products.

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For example, when Nestle was accused of “dumping [Genetically Modified (GM) foods] products rejected in Europe in developing Asian countries”, they still weren’t doing anything illegal in those Asian countries.

Also, the author of the article mentions that these are “unsafe products”, but it hasn’t really been scientifically proven that these GM foods are unhealthy or dangerous in any way. As a major corporation, the Nestle Corporation has to do everything in their power to maximize profits (as long as it is legal). Other accusations such as overcharged prices and unfair labor practices are also mentioned in this article; however, they are not illegal. Like I said before, most major companies have done the same thing, and that is how they have been able to be successful.

Child labor may have a negative connotation, but in a way, it is helping these same children and the poor families where these children come from. I do see how Nestle is no saint and sometimes can take it too far. But, if most other corporations do it, then why blame only Nestle? Nike has also been accused of many things, but people are still buying their products. My point is that until these practices for which the corporation has been accused of become illegal, Nestle will still keep doing them and be successful as long as their products are good enough and satisfy their consumers.

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