Neuroanatomy of the Brain and Learning Styles

4 April 2015
A paper which studies learning styles, the right/left hemispheres of the brain and how these affect the higher order visual processing.

The human brain is mind boggling when one thinks of all the intimate parts and how they affect learning. The study of Neuroanatomy of the brain and learning styles helps individuals to try to understand their individual dominance in right/left hemisphere. The paper studies several sources of literature where experiments were carried out to test right/left dominance, and discusses their results. Methods used by psychologists such Nagae are also discussed.
“In this study students were instructed to make a fist with their thumb pointing upward at an arms length away. Once they lined up with the target, they were asked to close their left eye and decide if it was still on target. Once they did this, they were asked to line up their thumbs on target and asked to close their right eye. Which eye was closest to target? They divided the students into right/left and mixed dominant sections. The students were then told how to do create a hypercard. The assignment was to create a sales presentation to an imaginary client. They were asked to indicate their right/left or mixed brain dominancy.

Neuroanatomy of the Brain and Learning Styles Essay Example

“The findings demonstrated the right-brain dominant individuals outperformed the left-brain and mixed-brain dominant students.”

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