Never Write Upon a Blank Page

4 April 2015
This paper suggests that the most influential sacred stories are tied to the time and place in which they were produced.

The following paper suggests that certain sacred stories such as Black Elk Speaks, for instance, cannot be understood in isolation, as merely a tale. The writer claims that it is both a cultural artifact as well as a piece of literature. In this paper the cultural production of the text is considered as well as ones personal religious affiliation, thus the writer contends that this culture is flexible and evolves and changes over time, as stories and notions of the sacred evolve and change over time.

From the paper:

“This does not mean one can simply discount the text Black Elk Speaks simply because it is a scholarly product of ethnography as well as a Native American artifact. It is still an interview, a living piece of history. If you could imagine that somehow someone had gone to interview Jesus late in his life and had kept notes from that interview then these notes would be to the New Testament what The Sixth Grandfather is to Black Elk Speaks.

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