11 November 2018

Okay, I admit it. I stole it from my brother. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, it’s the new release “Nevermind” by a cutting edge band called Nirvana. The CD was a Christmas gift to my brother which he had been bugging me to buy. I, however, was a little apprehensive about purchasing “Nevermind” due to the cover which portrayed a naked baby underwater, swimming toward a dollar bill. Needless to say, I bought the CD anyway. For the next two weeks, I continuously heard about how great “Nevermind” was. So, I finally stopped into my brother’s room to listen for myself. I instantly bonded with “Nevermind.” Songs such as “In Bloom,” “Come As You Are” and, of course, the hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” caught my attention and provoked me to borrow “Nevermind” from my brother. If you have already bought “Nevermind,” then you know the awesome sound that Nirvana presents. However, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy … HURRY UP! I promise you won’t regret it. n

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