Nevermind by Nirvana

6 June 2019

Bleach was fantastically raw and metal-ish; Incesticide was filled with punk-y b-sides; Nevermind
was full of catchy poppy melodies; Unplugged was an album of haunting, acoustic, tunes; and In Utero? In Utero was a combination of that.

The last studio album by Nirvana (unless you count Unplugged) is all of those things mixed together. With this record, they captured a more abrasive sound than Nevermind, while still keeping their sound more musical than say, Bleach.

The album kicks off with “Serve The Servants”, a song in “loud-quiet-loud” format. And it ends with a song I find slower and quieter called “All Apologies”

Nirvana was the first band to TRULY popularize the grunge sound. You’ve probably heard this a million times before but they took punk to the masses. Instead of just marketing their own punk-y sound though, they also sort of, in a way, advertised other great punk/grunge/alternative bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies, getting more people into that kind of music.

Despite the fact that Nirvana is this amazing band that almost everyone knows and likes, SOME people have this idea that their overrated. Some people think they killed punk. Some people overlook the actual music of the band and instead, they focus on the devastating suicide of their lead singer, Kurt Cobain. They overlook the actual music of the band and instead, they focus on all the horrible drugs he did. They overlook the actual music of the band and instead focus on the fact that he married a so-called “crazy b****” AKA Courtney Love (I actually like her, judge me) of the band Hole.

The music is great, in my opinion. As I’ve basically already stated, their songs are full of shredding guitars, and scream-y vocals that are filled with emotion yet they still manage to keep their songs listenable, catchy, even. The lyrics may be a little nonsensical, I don’t know, but the way he sings them, and the way they go with the music, is just phenomenal.

But despite what people say, Nirvana are great. Give them a chance, and by giving them a chance, I mean, listen to actual albums. Don’t just listen to the popular songs off Nevermind, like, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Come As You Are”.

The main theme of the article is this: LISTEN TO IN UTERO!!!!!

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