9 September 2019

In September 2007 Christopher Drew Ingle created a music page on the popular social networking site called NeverShoutNever! and since then has become a smashing hit.Starting from the ground up Christopher Drew learned from his father how to play the guitar.
His songs deal with the many things that teenagers face and can relate to. From their heart breaking to the hardships of growing up, NeverShoutNever! has something that people can understand. The melodies are unique and can never be compared to any other band or artist.
He has also began to reach stardom and was featured on MTV’s TRL on July 29, 2008, where he performed his most known song “Bigcitydreams”. Bigcitydreams #3 on the Hot 100 Singles chart, which is quite a feat for an artist that has no label to help him gain stardom.
If you like music that you can easily relate too and like the calm melodic tones of Christopher Drew’s acoustic guitar and soothing voice, then NeverShoutNever! is your best choice for an acoustic artist.

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