New Employee

1 January 2017

Give new team members the tools they need to do the work. Help them join with others so they can do the work together. Help them and their team deliver better results faster. Effective onboarding of new team members is one of the most important contributions any hiring manager or Human Resources (HR) professional can make to long-term success. Onboarding done right drives new employee productivity, accelerates results, and significantly improves talent retention. Yet few organizations manage the pieces of onboarding well.

Even fewer organizations use a strategic, integrated and consistent approach like the one described in this article. Why? Because onboarding is not something you do every day, it’s hard to get good at. With deliberate practice, however, you can accumulate best practices onboarding expertise. This article (and the book of the same title) shows you the way, step-by-step. Total Onboarding Program (TOP) A Total Onboarding Program will take your organization to a new level of effectiveness by improving and integrating the disconnected experiences and messages new employees get during the recruiting and on-the-job learning process.

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This is a powerful, vulnerable time in the life of an employee. It represents the most important “teachable moment” your organization will ever have. If you can plan and use onboarding to put each new employee and the organization in full alignment, you will make a material difference in your business results over time. A Total Onboarding Program is not about re-inventing the wheel. Most people understand or can navigate through the basics of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating and accelerating new employees. Our premise is that things work better when all efforts point in he same direction. When onboarding efforts align you get more done in less time by: • Compressing recruiting, hiring and assimilation time. • Reducing hiring mistakes by making everyone, including prospective hires, fully aware of what the job requires – from the employee and from the organization. 1 Adapted from the executive summary of Onboarding – How to Get Your New Employees Up To Speed in Half the Time (Bradt and Vonnegut, Wiley, 2009) Onboarding – Bradt, Vonnegut (Wiley, 2009) 1 • Reducing new employee “buyer’s remorse” to greatly improve retention. Aligning new employees with critical business strategies. Total Onboarding requires the hiring manager to lead each new employee’s onboarding experience from start to finish. If you are a hiring manager, start by creating the overall TOP plan. Get people aligned around your TOP onboarding plan and its importance. Take primary responsibility for execution of your TOP onboarding plan across people and functions. If you are the HR manager, help your hiring managers create and execute their TOP onboarding plans. Total Onboarding Program Steps

Understand the organization-wide benefits of a Total Onboarding Program. Clarify your destination and messages to the candidate and the organization. Start by stopping to reconfirm your organization’s purpose, priorities and desired results. How will your new employee contribute? Think through what went well and less well when you and/or your organization onboarded new employees in the past. Map out clear, simple messages about this onboarding: your message to stakeholders, your message to candidates, and your message o your new employee. 3. Craft your onboarding plan, write a recruiting brief, and align your stakeholders. Start by crafting a plan that builds on your recruiting brief, and a Total Onboarding Program timeline. Share your thinking with others. Get input. Align important players around your plan. Investment of time here makes everything else more effective and efficient.  . Create a powerful slate of potential candidates. Take charge of the employee acquisition process by creating and executing a new employee plan.

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