New Management Concepts in Coffee Shop Operations

This paper discusses the importance of new management concepts in the smooth operations of a coffee shop.

This paper takes a coffee shop as a business model in order to suggest an improved running of the business. The author explains how In this highly competitive business world, it is important to adopt the most suitable management practices and therefore organizations are required to experiment with new concepts. He indicates that while some new ideas may serve ones business positively, others may not prove to be very successful and it all depends on the type of business and the organizational structure.

From the paper:

“Though the corporate world is changing rapidly, still the best way to gain an edge over your rivals is still what it used to be, i.e. adoption and implementation of sound business practices. But important thing is that the very definition of those practices has changed too and they are no longer what they used to be some decades ago.

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New Management Concepts in Coffee Shop Operations
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We have seen how in this age of cut-throat competition, the organizations are required to stay one step ahead of their rivals by continuously improving their services. But often marketing and management experts are amazed at the pace at which business values are changing and they are struggling with a practical definition of good business and sound strategies. The two things that have come to our notice in recent times are that customers are becoming the most important factor in all company policies, most firms are trying to achieve a customer-oriented approach in order to attract a loyal customer base. Another important thing is quality of the products; the customers are satisfied only when what they are being offered is better than the products of some other firms.”

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