New World Computing’s New Business Idea Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Working on a new. advanced and an easy to utilize merchandise in the signifier of Pulse in the turning market of medical engineering. New World Computing has tapped what is a really promising concern thought. With limited competition and superior merchandise design. the house has immense possible to mass market its merchandise and to harvest the benefits of the turning medical information system industry.

While Rosenberg Minsker and our squad continue to stay optimistic about the chances and go on to flip to new clients. we have non been able to present the promised bundles on clip and carry through contractual duties. Existing clients are therefore get downing to show dissatisfaction and are abjuring. Inability to supply these bundles on clip and failure to charge for services has left New World Computing in a hard currency crunch state of affairs. necessitating working capital of about $ 100. 000 to fund its operations.

New World Computing’s New Business Idea Essay Sample Essay Example

After being approached by Laura. I have decided to assist New World Computing through a pro bono confer withing understanding. This venture represents an chance for me non merely to give back to the medical engineering industry. but to besides acquire a promising concern thought back on path. The first measure is to make a study which would look into ;

* What issues/problems within the company have gotten New World into this quandary? * What can be done to better the state of affairs of the company? * What should be the long term vision and concern program for New World Computing?

The intent of this study is to research the causes which have gotten New World into this quandary. to propose a few options for alterations in direction. and to show how incorporating these alterations would put the foundation for a comprehensive concern program. which would let New World Computing to accomplish its full potency as a innovator in their industry.

Overview of Discussion

After reading literature on engineering start-ups and comparing that literature with New World it appears that most errors have been in the direction of the endeavor. The company has a fantastic merchandise in the signifier of pulsation which is capable of being mass marketed in a comparatively new market. It appears. nevertheless. that errors have been made with respects to dialogue of contracts. inability to charge clients for services. and the compensation of employees. In add-on there is internal struggle within the company and dissatisfaction amongst the employees. One of the biggest challenges New World faces is to retain the services of its top degree employees. These concerns can be addressed by altering the direction schemes of the house. The study tries to propose some of these alterations. and besides lays accent on the incorporation of new processs. in peculiar those with respects to more strict paperwork policies and research environment.

Introduction to Discussion

To develop a complete apprehension of the grounds for the concern. I have read literature on engineering start-ups and compared notes and observations from my old assignments to understand the grounds for the failure of start-ups and compared those variables with the 1s in the company which may be doing jobs. After reading those articles and reexamining my assignments. there are many similarities between the direction jobs of new start-ups and those faced by New World Company.

Issues and Concerns:
After reexamining the company’s current contracts and comparing them to similar 1s in the bing market. New World Computing is overpaying royalty to some establishments. In add-on. Laura has expressed concern in her study about the charge construction of certain contracts which may necessitate to be re-negotiated. Timely bringing of the promised package has besides emerged as a major issue. New World Computing may hold made promises and committednesss beyond its resources.

Some errors besides appear to hold been made with the due procedure of paper work. Employees have expressed concern that the house has non been able to budget its disbursals or supply accurate paperwork. which is indispensable to bring forth fiscal studies to give the house better apprehension of its standing in the market topographic point.

Another concern is low employee morale within the company. Mistakes have been made with respects to employee compensation and distribution of duties. As a consequence. New World is happening it hard to retain its employees. which in bend are taking off from the border that the company has of being one of the first companies to travel into the sector of medical engineering.

Suggested Changed to turn to these concerns:
The undermentioned study looks at these concerns in item and besides tries to do certain recommendations that can be considered to alter the direction manner of the company such as appropriate allotment of duties and making a capital budget for the company.

There may besides be a demand to research other contracts in the market topographic point. New World Computing may hold to prioritise undertakings to guarantee timely bringing of the major undertakings to convey in the necessary hard currency flows.

The study besides tries to propose ways to finance the company such as the usage of an Angel Investor or a Venture Capitalist to supply the on the job capital required to go on operations.

Creation of a long term Business Plan:
Finally. the study seeks to integrate certain patterns and lay the foundation for making a long term concern program for New World and therefore assisting it accomplish its possible as one of the innovators in the medical engineering market.


Issues and Concerns:

New World Computing is confronting fiscal jobs at the minute. Certain errors have been made with respects to the direction of the company and dialogues of contractual duties which have contributed towards seting New World in this quandary. Currently. New World requires an extra $ 100. 000 to fund its operations.

While traveling through the literature for engineering start-ups. I read through an article which described a few key variables which contribute to a start-ups success or failure. I believe this article provided valuable penetration and can be used to understand New World current state of affairs. I have therefore considered few of these variables and analyzed where we stand and where some errors may hold been made. Some of the variables described in the article include:

Record Keeping and fiscal control: It is widely believed that houses that do no maintain updated accurate records and deficiency equal fiscal controls have a greater opportunity of failure than those that do. Based on Laura’s study. some errors have been made by the direction in this respect. ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard )

For case. although the direction retained a local CPA house to fix fiscal statements for the first financial twelvemonth. there were no interim fiscal studies for that twelvemonth. Laura has besides expressed concern about the deficiency of up to day of the month information sing the company’s financials and gross revenues projection figures. The direction seems to hold failed to supply employment contracts on paper and many employees are working on the footing of verbal contracts for compensation.

We believe that the direction must recognize that it is indispensable for New World to maintain equal fiscal information about the company’s operations. Keeping such information non merely helps to maintain path of the firm’s public presentation. but may besides be considered indispensable tools for pulling investors.

Market Research: It is widely believed that Firms that do non carry on market research to seek and understand the latest tendencies and footings predominating in the market are more likely to neglect than those that do. ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard )

It seems as the importance of carry oning market research particularly in footings of researching about the prevailing contract footings in the market may hold been overlooked. New universe has promised to pay about half its net incomes in footings of royalty payments to university of Iowa and some other clients. After some primary market probe. it has come to illume that royalty payments for such contracts typically range from 5 to 7 per centum. There besides seems to be a failure to acknowledge the value of support services provided by New World to bing clients in bing contracts. Much of the firm’s employee clip is invested in supplying support services to bing clients. We seem to hold missed a fast one here by non bear downing the clients for these services. Conducting a basic study of bing footings in the market may assist direction recognize the value of these services and may add a watercourse of much needed hard currency flows on a regular footing.

This implies that slightly unrealistic footings have been accepted in assorted contracts by New World. Failure to carry on such research in the hereafter may badly dent New Worlds chances of going a successful concern thought as competition may lift in this moneymaking industry.

Managerial Experience: Based on my readings on start-ups. I have learnt that. “Start-ups managed by people without anterior direction experience have a greater opportunity of failure than those that use them. ” ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard )

After Tony’s going. New World has been a spot light on managerial experience. Al’s work experience before this venture was to work in the cardiology section and did non affect much managerial and disposal work. Lack of managerial co-ordination has already affected New World as promises have been made beyond New World’s capablenesss. Lack of forces to pull off and organize assorted maps of the company. poses a large job for New World as this is bound to take to confusion. dissatisfaction and misinterpretations. which may all lend to an unproductive work environment.

Planing: “Start-ups that do non develop specific concern programs have a greater opportunity of failure than those with such programs. ” ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard )

Planing and development of ends seem to be the weakest links in the New World’s direction. The direction seems to believe that elaborate planning would do New World excessively nearsighted and may therefore curtail its creativeness. As a effect. no projections seem to hold been made sing the pricing of the merchandise. and support services. forces demands. compensation of employees harmonizing to forces demands. gross revenues projections which include critical analysis of the market and analysing the resources of New World to run into these projections. hard currency flow projections which may hold thrown light on many of these issues which may hold prevented or at least. alerted the direction about the hard currency crunch it faces and programs for support growing.

The absence of a elaborate one-year budget for disbursals and investings and the deficiency of critical analysis of competition and the houses resources have contributed towards direction losing links with the world of the firm’s standing. Many undertakings have been undertaken without careful analysis of New World’s ability to do bringings on clip. This has resulted in dissatisfaction amongst the clients on portion of New World’s inability to run into contractual duties. This in bend has affected the firm’s dickering power with its purchasers and therefore limited the range for dialogues.

Staffing: Organizations that can non retain and pull quality employees have a greater opportunity of failure than those which are more successful and maintain quality in this respect. ” ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard ) Inability to retain the services of Suzanne and holding to renegociate Mike’s compensation shows that New World is confronting a terrible concerns to retain the services of its top employees. New World has successful been able to pull some bright heads to work for the house. but is non being able to retain their services as a consequence of this hard currency crunch and besides because of dissatisfaction amongst employees. While working on these undertakings. employees develop dealingss with the clients and failure to retain forces may stifle client relationships.

There has been a failure to outline employment contracts for these employees and as a consequence. there is an component of vagueness in their compensation which may do dissatisfaction amongst the work force. There is an pressing demand to turn to this state of affairs as these employees bring a batch to the tabular array and losing them may non merely dent New World’s advancement but may besides beef up the competition.

Selling: “Start-up proprietors without marketing accomplishments have a greater opportunity of failure than those with selling accomplishments. ” ( Start up Business Advice ; chalkboard ) Having looked at Al’s work background. it is apparent that the house does non hold a leader with strong selling accomplishments and experience.

Tony’s loss seems apparent in this vena. Tony’s magnetic personality contributed a batch towards capturing the attending of audiences and his ability to impress has attracted many clients. Whilst. Al has been a technician in most of his work experiences and therefore may non be able to make up one’s mind “how to monetary value the merchandise. schemes to flip and sell the merchandise to possible clients. payment policies to put up in contacts and the package of services to be included in the merchandising monetary value. ” ( Case Extract )

Suggested Changes

Although errors have been made. these errors can easy be rectified. After measuring assorted options for New World I would propose the undermentioned alterations to assist New World get back on path and accomplish its possible as a taking medical engineering company. Changes in direction places: The absence of a director to coordinate assorted organisational activities and maps and the absence of a dynamic selling personality in the board are concerns necessitating immediate attending. To turn to the job of a leader at the top. Mr. Minsker may be asked to take on the station as the CEO of New World Computing in exchange for his investing in the company. Mr. Minsker has had experience in puting in start-ups in the yesteryear and has been a successful investor. He would convey a batch to the tabular array with his experience and his counsel may be precisely what New World needs to accomplish its possible. His initial investing may besides assist turn to the hard currency crunch state of affairs of the company. Tony’s going has been a large loss for the house. His magnetic personality has helped convey clients to New World Computing.

Tony may be asked to come back in a new station as the Director for Marketing. this may besides assist avoid legal obstructions in future as Tony is the lone legal proprietor of New World as a effect of Al’s inability to change over his portions lawfully. With respects to a director. New World has acquired a valuable resource in the signifier of Laura. In malice of holding spent small clip in the organisation. Laura has already made a important impact. She has been able to negociate footings of contract with Dr. Zimmer and has shown leading in facing Al and Mike and stating them where errors have been made. It seems as though Laura can be the geta in the Wheel and organize all the maps of New World and seems ready to stand for the board as the Chief Operations Officer. With respects to Al. his part and his experience in the field of medical engineering can non be ignored. He brings a batch to the tabular array in footings of proficient accomplishment and cognition about the potency of the merchandise. He has been closely associated with the company and has worked hard for its success. He must go on to stand for the board but as the Chief Technical Officer. this would let him to concentrate on the cryptography and development of the merchandises instead than acquiring excessively involved with the direction of the company. Proposed direction construction:

Incorporation of an one-year budget: The direction needs to follow patterns sing creative activity of annuals ends and budgets. Creation of an one-year budget allocating investings and disbursals would assist supply a clearer image of the firm’s resources and would besides bespeak the fiscal demands of the company. Creation of an one-year budget for employee compensation. investing options and general disbursals would let the direction to take amongst assorted undertakings and commit to undertakings which are more likely to be delivered on clip. Allotment of disbursals may be the first measure towards in deepness planning. which shall put the foundations for a successful concern program. Renegotiation of certain contracts and a attendant reappraisal of the charge construction: It has come to illume that New World may hold accepted unrealistic footings in some of the contracts. There has besides been a failure to charge clients for services provided to them. There is nevertheless range to renegociate the footings of these contracts.

The direction must besides reexamine the charge construction of the contracts and must make up one’s mind the package of services to be included in the merchandising monetary value of the merchandise. Successful renegotiation of contracts and a renewed charge construction may besides add a watercourse of much needed hard currency flows. Prioritizing undertakings for timely bringing: Promises have been made beyond the resources of the company. New World has therefore non been able to present the package bundles on clip. Clients are therefore get downing to abjure on history of dissatisfaction with the services. Hence there is a demand to negociate some clip with the clients and to prioritise the chief undertakings of the company. The direction may put the Jewelry shop undertaking on the back burner as the undertaking does non lend much hard currency flow to the company. In add-on. this undertaking is a committedness in a whole new industry and may devour a batch of valuable clip which may be used to finish other. more valuable undertakings.

The direction must hence. clearly communicate these issues to Black’s Jewelers and must purchase some more clip at the really least. Approaching VC’s to finance the company and enrich the board with their valuable experience: Another option to finance New World may be to pull investings from Venture Capitalists ( VC’s ) . Many VC’s have been fascinated by the potency of pulsation and its possible to be mass marketed. The venture capitalists may exercise inordinate control. but they do conveying valuable experience with pull offing start-ups and may steer New World towards accomplishing its possible. In add-on to the major alterations stated above. the undermentioned stairss may besides be taken: * Hiring an accounting clerk to help Sarah in maintaining books up to day of the month * Talking to Suzanne and renegociating her compensation footings to maintain her a portion of the company.

Vision/ Long Term Business Plan

A written papers that explain how a new concern purposes to accomplish its ends. a concern program is by and large drafted for 3 to 5 old ages and is indispensable to put the foundations of a successful concern organisation. ( investopedia. com )

Attempts must be made to outline a concern program which would include a description of New World and its merchandises. This description may be the key to pull investings as New World does possess a superior merchandise in PULSE. A concern program besides includes schemes that the company would follow to accomplish its ends. this is where the experience and counsel of Mr. Minsker or a VC may come to the bow. Since neither Al nor Laura has direction experience in a start-up ; counsel from an experient leader cognizant about the world of the company and its rivals may be precisely what New World needed.

“A concern program farther includes an overall budget. current and projected funding. a market analysis and its selling scheme attack. In a concern program. a concern proprietor undertakings grosss and disbursals for a certain period of clip and describes operational activity and costs related to the concern. ” ( investopedia. com )

Integrating all these elements and carry oning primary research on the market may assist the direction to hold a more defined image of the company. Management has been over-optimistic about the potency of the company. but the creative activity of an one-year budget and carry oning a selling analysis and scheme may assist direction do more realistic projections. The direction would therefore be able to recognize possible costs and drawbacks of certain concern determinations such as overloading the company with promises beyond its resources and assist them modify these thoughts consequently before implementing them.

Finally. in add-on to these alterations. a civilization to keep up to day of the month records and timely projections demands to be incorporated into the company. The company needs to recognize that simply hiring professionals would be of small value unless their advice and their service is used by the organisation.


It is apparent that New World possesses a prima merchandise in PULSE which has great possible to be mass marketed. Bing one of the first participants in a comparatively less competitory market intend New World has possible to go a successful concern organisation.

Some errors have nevertheless been committed in the direction of the company because of deficiency of planning and deficiency of old managerial experience. The deficiency of selling research has meant that the direction has detracted a small from world and has agreed to a few unreasonable contractual duties. The house besides lacks the services of a magnetic leader to pull investors after Tony’s going.

These are concerns nevertheless that can easy be addressed by doing some alterations in the direction manner and forces. The alteration in direction can hopefully further a work environment which involves be aftering. market research. budgeting for disbursals and an environment which stresses the importance of keeping up to day of the month records and projections to efficaciously measure the houses standing in the market.

If New World can pull investings from Mr. Minsker or other VC’s and efficaciously convey about the alterations in direction forces. to make an effectual concern program which would put down the ends and schemes of New World. there is every opportunity for New World to acquire out of this hole and go a successful concern organisation.

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