New York Air Pollution

9 September 2016

College Social Network Information Literacy Dalina Jimenez 01/16/2013 Topic: New York Air Pollution Thesis Statement: Waste creates toxic gases that can diminish air quality, causing environmental damage and lowers human quality of life in New York City. By looking at the NYC Environmental protection, nyc. gov I found a broad information on how new yorkers are getting affected with the poor air quality, explaining the death statistics which contribute to a 6% of death annually. Million of proposals had been implemented for this problem.

In 2007 Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the PLANYC to improve the environment. This website talk about the causes for this problem like the smoke generated for the mass transits on this city. I believe this is a good web site because it is directly related to my topic. It explains how the city is working to improve the air quality and also provide strategies to keep it clean. This website is reliable because is nationally recognized and it was revised in this year 2013, also is a government website. The nyc. ov has another articles to read and get informed about what the city is doing to resolve this environmental problem such a air pollutants in nyc, emission for transportation, emission for building and constructions, etc. I searched the encyclopedia Britannica to find what is causing this damage in the city and in the world and what really mean air pollution so I can understand how serious is the situation and why it is important to keep the air clean. I found an article explaining the different pollutants factors.

New York Air Pollution Essay Example

These factors are different kind of fuel, waste, factories, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and fine particulars. The six major air pollutants listed above have been designated by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This article is excellent because explain each of these factors and what mean clean air which is primarily of nitrogen and oxygen 78 percent and 21 percent respectively, by volume. The remaining 1 percent is a mixture of other gases, mostly argon.

At the end, I found an article from Ebsco’s Academic Search Premier Database called “The Human Megacity”, in this article Mayor Bloomberg explained about his PLANYC, to make the city become more green, healthy, safe and efficiently. His intention is to keep New York City clean. References * Platt, R. H. (2009). The Humane Megacity. Environment, 51(4), 46-59. * air pollution. (2013). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved from http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/10772/air-pollution/286159/Ozone * Department of environmental conservation. (2013) chemical and pollution control. Retrieved from http://www. dec. ny. gov/25. html

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