News Writing

4 April 2015
An analysis of what is involved in the reporting field and what is required of a reporter.

This paper presents an example of a multi-genre paper. The writer uses seven writing styles including poetry, diary entry, news writing, song writing, expository and others to describe and cause an understanding of the job. It looks at hazards of the job of reporting and the benefits too.
“Local journalist, Sally Jones, was arrested and taken into custody yesterday afternoon. The journalist who has been with the Daily City News for 15 years has been charged with refusing to part with her source information. Jones, who is the publication’s crime beat reporter refused to tell Circuit Court Judge, Barry Brown, how she came to be in possession of a written bomb threat targeting several local political figures. Jones first came under scrutiny when her story The New List was published on the front page of the paper that she writes for. Several law enforcement officials were alerted to the story and arrived at her office within hours to demand a copy of the list she had received and the name of who had given it to her. Jones believes the first amendment protects her right not to divulge the information and to refuse to discuss where she got the information.”
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