Neyo – So Sick of Love Songs

7 July 2019

Eventhough its been a year ago, almost everybody loves his songs and our still instrested.Admit it! I dont think anybody is over Neyo.
When it had came to the top of the R&B songs list I was filled with excitement. As soon as it came to stores (like advertisements said) I went straight to Walmart and bought me a Neyo Soundtrack. I got home and started dancing all over the place by hering my one and only favorite song on the cd… “So Sick”. But they had other hit songs on the cd that made u think about yourself, your lover, and most definitely your emotions. Its one of the best R&B hit soundtracks you can ever listen to, Its very Non-boring. The album is packed with 24 slow, and hip songs, Its very exciting to just sit and relax and hear the sounds of great music from a talented artist. You will feel connected to Neyo and his music and I highly recommend it to any girl who just got out of a relationship and is having a hard time with her self-image to listen to the sounds of Neyo. So, get the new soundtrack of Neyo today and i bet you, You will not regret it!!!

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