Nicaraguan Elections of November, 1996

4 April 2015
Pre-election conditions. Reviews 1990 election & effects, role of U.S., six years under President Chamoro, economics, parties & candidates, constitutional issues.

A national election is scheduled in Nicaragua in November 1996 (Rohter A7). This research examines the political environment in Nicaragua in this period of the run-up to the election.

The Last General Election: 1990
The last general election in Nicaragua was held in 1990, when on 25 February a so-called business-oriented, non liberal government headed by Violeta Chamoro was elected (Mulligan 32). Political participation in Nicaragua on the part of those who oppose the government is most often violent, because the government in power attempts to insure that opponents cannot be victorious through the electoral process. Exceptions to that case occurred in..

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