Nickelback– Dark Horse

Since the success of their seven-time platinum album, All the Right Reasons (2005), Canadian rock-band Nickelback has been a staple in the rock music world with seven songs from their last album hitting #1 on the billboard chart. But the band’s newest musical contribution, Dark Horse, has many people wondering if they can live up to their own success.

At first glance, considering their acheivements to date and the skyrocketing success of their first track released, Gotta Be Somebody, loyal fans will want to buy the new album. But this latest musical LP takes listeners off the well-known Nickelback track, possibly jeopardizing the band’s integrity.

Nickelback is known for their meaningful lyrics and awesome beats. But on this album, Nickelback has gone astray from the love stories and caring lyrics, instead introducing its audience to songs like the first track on the eleven song album, Something in Your Mouth, and track 9, S.E.X. Is this the effect of recruiting producer, Mutt Lange?

Nonetheless, the change will not be the down fall of Nickelback. Yes, this album switches up from their usual style but only lyrically. Musically, the band is still on top. Many bands in their genre reuse song beats, but Nickelback continues to keep every beat new and fresh. On a scale from one to ten Dark Horse ranks a 4 lyrically but a 9 musically. Overall, if you are a Nickelback fan, you won’t be disappointed. A little surprised at first, but Dark Horse is a hit for sure.

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