Nicolaus Copernicus essay for 8th grade

6 June 2017

In the early 1500s when almost everyone believed that the Earth was the center of the universe a polish scientist & astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus came up with a theory that the sun was the center of the universe and not the earth like many believed. Born on Feb. 19, 1473 in Poland and having a bishop as an uncle he was given a solid education. He moved at the age of 22 to Italy to further his studies at the university of bologna.

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It was there where Copernicus became more interested in astronomy. Although his models weren’t completely correct it did formed a good strong foundation for future scientist to build and improve. Thanks to him we don’t believe in a Geocentric universe anymore. We know now that the earths rotation is accounted for the rise and setting of the sun, movement of stars and seasons. He also proposed that the earths motion trough space caused the retrograde motion of planets at night. Many people didn’t like his books or ideas.

They believed in a Geocentric universe and not on his heliocentric theory. They maybe have put him in Jail for writing his books if he hadn’t die shortly after writing it in may 24,1543. The ideas of Nicolaus Copernicus were very important in the evolution of the field of astronomy. Galileo, and others were among the astronomers who sought to add to and improve upon his work. His work affected our lives and our way of thinking. He showed people that we don’t live in a Geocentric universe!

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