Night John

2 February 2017

In the novel Night John it uses descriptive details and shows visual pictures in your mind.

Night John’s plot stays on topic with all the characters and events. In the film Night John they added subplots which made the story a lot different. The novel Night John was better than the film. Here are the reasons why the novel was better. Descriptive details in this novel help tremendously by, showing us the pain the slaves have been through. The adjectives they used elaborated the suffering times and their “Masters” attitude. Visuals in a book paint a picture in one’s mind so we understand the story.

Night John Essay Example

In the story it says Delie was stripped and the men bowed their heads to show respect for Delie. The picture in my mind was they were all surrounding Delie in the Spring House, with their sweat dripping down their bodies, and hearing the loud snap as it tears Delie’s skin. That one reason why the novel’s better. In successful novels they stay on topic, Night John is one of them. The stories plot was based on teaching Sarny how to read and write by an older slave named Night John. The novel clicked together when the conflicts and events became intriguing. In the film there were unneeded events, which made it confusing.

This brings me to my third reason why the novel is better. In the film Night John there were new characters, new events, and new conflicts. The film flowed together but you would never really understand if you didn’t read the book. The film told us that Sarny learned how to read and write by Night John but, progressed by reading love letters from Ms. Waller to the doctor. In the film there were two new characters named Outlaw and Egypt. They had nothing to do with the story and they didn’t even conclude why they were there.

In conclusion the novel was better than the film. If you don’t believe me reread all of my reasons.

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