Night: Sun and Figurative Language

5 May 2017

Night Calls Sometimes animals are replaced by humans to connect with the reader. In the Story Night Calls by Lisa Fugard, at first her story was about two Japanese birds but in the end she replaced the bird with a human character. Lisa Fugard creates a somber mood in “Night Calls” through imagery, fgurative language, and the creation of mood. With the somber mood it made the story very interesting to read.

Fugard used imagery a lot in the story to help the readers understand what was oing on, so they could picture it in their head. Imagery in this story was very descriptive using adjectives and other things. For example: “a large gray bird, with ugly hooked feet a long slithery neck that gave me nightmares… a rod crest” (Fugard 569). The bird seems very royal even though it’s tall and large. This image contributed to the mood by making it kind of sad with a sense of decay.

Night: Sun and Figurative Language Essay Example

The way that fgurative language was used in the story was that they were similes. Most of the figurative language used the word like to compare two things. “Slablike, they seemed to hang off his arms like two chunks of meat… sun… like a fat brown snake” (Fugard 566). The figurative language was very vivid. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun. The mood of the story was mostly sad and depressing. There was a lot that contributed to the mood but this single line contributed a lot. Shabby state of the ompound – roads rutted and washed out many places-map of sanctuary had been knocked off post

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