Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

11 November 2019

It’s not very often that a new artist bursts onto the scene and manages to not only release such a successful first album, but a good first album-yet that’s actually exactly what Imagine Dragons did. With their album “Night Visions”, they incorporated such a diverse mix of genres it’s impossible to accurately label it (sort of like that amazing hipster that quietly and effortlessly oozes with coolness that you’ve always wanted to know?). This album is compiled in such a way it literally takes you on a journey. “Radioactive” welcomes us to the Nuclear Holocaust Apocalypse and drips in toxic chemicals, like a dangerously addicting drug. When we hear “Demons”, we become hunched in guilt because we’ve seen way too much of the songwriter’s soul, but we can’t help but keep it on replay. But personally, my favorite song, the one that I fell in love with, was “It’s Time”. Never have I felt so happy when listening to a song. Infused with rock, indie dance, pop, and electronic, the album is simply incomparable to anything else I’ve heard.

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