Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

9 September 2019

This is easily the best pop rock album ever made. I am the Grim Reaper and today is yet another special case. Imagine Dragons has gained almost instant popularity with their debut release Night Visions, which includes some of the best songs I’ve ever heard such as Tiptoe, Radioactive, and It’s Time. Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist, is one of the highlights. This album isn’t perfect, but boy is it a breath of fresh air for me.

1, Radioactive, probably the song everyone knows by now. If you don’t know it then stop living under a rock for once. Fun little story for me, I first heard this song while watching Teen Nick when I was 11 I believe and while it did hve other good songs like Bruno Mars’s Tresure and Cody Simpson’s Pretty Brown Eyes playing at the time, this was the song that got me into these guys. Since then I’ve heard it on the radio stations i listen to and It’s all good. Very good song.

2, Tiptoe, this starts out with an eerie sound and then we get to the style from the last one. IT’s easily my second favorite from the album. This song is a true bomb.

3, It’s Time, my third favorite song in the album. Of the first 5, this is the longest and again among the more popular tracks in the album. From here, we’re only a sixth of the way through but it is a good straight way through. “It’s time to begin, isn’t it, I get a little bit, bigger but then I’ll admit, I’m just the same as I was. I’m never changing who I am.”

4, Demons, one of the shorter songs in the album and right up with Radioactive and It’s Time. This is a song that was really for Dan, being that he had a Heroine problem before this, or so I’ve heard. This song has to do with hardships and things that bring you down easily. It is less than 3 minutes long but it packs a gaint punch within those three minutes.

5, On Top Of The World, This is a happy song, Yah! This is also the last track with a music video and in that, the band pulls a Beatles move and goes through Abbey Road to meet in one place to watch an air shuttle take off. Fun song that anyone could listen to.

6, Amsterdam, this is my favorite song in the album.By the way, has anyone been to NetherLands? I would love to go there. Maybe I could find more metal bands there. Anyways, this song is one of those apology songs, we all have heard of at least one, right? I don’t know why but this is in my top 20 right now. It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

7, Hear Me, I swear this sounds familiar. Well, anyways, this song is also really fun to listen to and like I said, it sounds like I’ve heard this before somehow, somewhere. This must be a song about how some feels alone or like no one will listen to him, probably the latter.

8, Every Night,” I’m coming home to you-oo, every night, every night.” That is the sound of something still good. From here, though, this is where we start to slip. But this song is still good. Nothing more, sorry.

9, Bleeding Out, god this song hurts! It is okey but it just gets worse from here. Not too drastic of a change though. It is a good song though so, there’s that. It feels a little too slow though, yeah I think that’s it.

10, Underdog, it starts with alot of keyboard and synth action. As the name sugests, it is a song about being the underdog in a certain sport, they didn’t specify there. It is a bit better then Bleeding Out, but that’s just me, it is a bit quirky as well.

11, Nothing Left To Say/Rocks, well it has two parts so it is going to be a little longer. Oh, but did I mention it’s 9 MINUTES LONG!? Jeez, that is a little overkill for these guys. For metal that would totally make sense, but for pop rock? Well, not really. This is easily my least favorite song and the longest one on the entire album. It is still somewhat good but, just barely.

12, Working Man, finally back to the sound at the begining if the album. Catchiness and chart topping music, for me at least, and sheer enjoyment. I’ve said it once and I will say it one more time, FINALLY!

13, Fallen, this is more of an Indie sounding song. Again, it sounds familiar and again, I have no idea when or where I have heard this, if I did. I do like it quite a bit but it doesn’t exactly toach the top 5 for this album. Well, tell everybody this is a cool song.

14, My Fault, this is as long as Demons but isn’t nearly as good. It has more conventional sounds and sounds very conventional of a song as well. It is better than Nothing Left To Say but only by a little. It sounds a little too sad too.

15, Round and Round, this starts with what sounds like Breaking Benjamin’s Unknown Soldier, then we get into rap rock music style, I guess. Dan’s voice sounds kind of unnatural here, whether that’s good or bad is up to interpretation. It is a pretty catchy song but it doesn’t stand up to the test of time.

16, The River, after this, only two more songs to go. This song sounds like a psychodelic adventure, like they took a page out of Pink Floyd, and became a song. Again, like Nothing Left To Say, it isn’t too terribly good but isn’t bad either. I took it for what it is and just rolled with it. Sorry Dan, but you can’t do psycodelic songs well.

17, America, I first this song when cycling through my phone’s music playlist and listening to every song in order alphabeticly. This is an interesting song might I add, but a bit boring. Eh, what are you going to do? I feel it is far inferior to some of the last songs but still much better than well, Nothing Left To Say, again, I do like that song a little.

18, Selene, phoow, we’re finally at the end. Well it felt like forever right? A great way to go out and has a nice catchy beat to it to. I freaking love this song! It goes out like a supernova and just explodes the sound right through to your ears. Facinating chorus and one of the better sounding love songs I’ve heard, especially pop music. Listen to this album if you haven’t already, you will not regret it. This has been the Grim Reaper, and my next review will be our first negitive reveiw, MegaDeth’s Rust In Peace.

Rating: 8.8/10

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