Night Women

1 January 2017

Perhaps it is a mosquito that has learned the gift of lighting itself. ” (pg. 196) “We have never talked about love. What would he need to know? Love is one of those lessons that you grow to learn, the way one learns that one shoe is made to fit a certain foot, lest it cause discomfort. ” (pg. 196) “There is a place in Ville Rose where ghost women ride the crests of waves while brushing the stars out of their hair.

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There they woo strollers and leave the stars on the path for them. There are nights that I believe that those ghost women are with me. ” (pg. 197) “Sometimes I see in the folds of his eyes a longing for something that’s bigger than myself. We are like faraway lovers, lying to one another, under different moons” (pg. 197) “I tell him of the deadly snakes lying at one end of a rainbow and the hat full of gold lying at the other end. ” (pg. 197) “I want him to forget that we live in a place where nothing lasts. ” (pg. 197) “No more, no more, or your teeth will turn black. (pg. 197) “

Tonight he brings me bougainvillea. Its always a surprise”. (pg. 198) “I see his wife’s face in the beads of sweat marching down his chin. ” (pg. 198) “I watch the piece-worker women march one another to the open market half a day’s walk from where they live. I thank the stars that at least I have the days to myself. ” (pg. 198) “Darling, the angels have themselves a lifetime to come to us. ” (pg. 198) 1) If, according to the character, there are two types of women: day and night, why is the story called Night Women? )What is the significance of the mosquitos and firefly? What do they represent? Why does they go to her son and not her? 3) Why doesn’t the character talk to her son about love?

Why does she feel that it is something he must learn on his own? 4) What is the significance of the ghost women? 5) When the doctor arrives with bougainvillea, why does she say its always a surprise? Does she mean it? 6) What is going through her mind when she see’s the doctors wife in beads of sweat? ) When she see’s the piece-working women in the morning, why is she thankful she has this time to herself? 8) The last sentence of “darling the angels have themselves a lifetime to come to us” leaves the reader moved. What do you think about this ending and what it means to this character and her son? 9) While she clearly doesn’t enjoy her line of work, what is her motivation to continue doing it? 10) Her fantasies and fabrications to her son: do you feel that they beneficial or detrimental in his development?

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