Nightfall In Middle Earth by Blind Guardian

11 November 2019

Welcome back. It is I, Gandolf who will be telling you about the Blind Guardian record that has to do with the fifth Moridor battle in the Hobbit Series. You may be wondering how I’m still alive, we’ll I actually do dir here and after the events of the story, I am resurrected for eternity. Blind Guardian themselves are influenced by nothing but fantasy.
So we start in Wrath Of War where the king sends his servants to battle. We then really start our journey with the track Into The Storm and thus the battle begins. Frodo? You Ok? Sorry about that. But we might as well talk about the music its self. The music is superb, it’s great. Look, even my friend Saramon agrees. Singles like Mirror Mirror, Nightfall, Noldor, and Blood Tears are fun to listen to and can all be played by themselves well. I dir then at the track Thorn and Nom The Wise is when Frodo wishes me goodbye.

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Thanks by the way. Then, the war is close to the end. The final chapter ends and Frodo says the last lines. I wish I could’ve seen the end of the war, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I see many great things for this band. Join the Blind Guardian bandwagon now please and visit a world of imagination.
I give it a 10/10. I am Gandolf, signing off

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