Nights To Remember

5 May 2019

Nights To Remember

Around this time last year, I had plans to go sledding with some of my friends during the night at Downriver Golf Course. I hadn’t ever been sledding there, but everyone told me it was the bomb. I was very excited and I even went out and bought a brand new sled, just for the occasion. Out of all of my good nature and morals, my friends persuaded me into buying the sled from Walmart. It took me awhile to forgive myself, and it just about the whole night.

Nights To Remember Essay Example

At Walmart, my mind was flooded with choices. There were the $4.00 small cheap plastic sleds from China, all the way to the $28.00 large cheap plastic sleds from China. I wanted to make the most out of my night, so I thought I couldn’t go wrong with one of the $28.00 large cheap plastic sleds from China. From Walmart, we made our way to one of our friend’s house to chill, and eventually get a move on to the wonderful sledding action.

Meanwhile, during our chill, I enjoyed a nice smack in the eye from my good friend’s sled during some unnecessary monkey business. The result was a red puffy eye and I regrettably held a slight grudge for the majority of the night. I was such a baby.

We arrived at Downriver, and we busted out the sleds, even though there was already a group of college students occupying the area. We figured they wouldn’t mind sharing the hill. As we suspected, they didn’t, and I took the honor of being the first one in our group to take a ride. I graciously took a running start and jumped down onto the decline, my sled held out in front of me, sort of like Superman. My trusty $28.00 cheap plastic sled from China proved its worth. It proved its worth all the way to the bottom of the hill that is, where I went over an ever so tiny bump, which shattered my sled into three distinct pieces.

Grudgingly, I moped back up the hill, reassuring myself that I would never shop at Walmart again. On the verge of tears, I reached the top of the hill, showed my sled mates the remnants of my sled, and was welcomed with the warmest and comforting laughter and humiliation.

We continued to sled the night away, one sled short, nothing as little as losing a sled could put a damper on our magnificent teen spirit. And our spirits continued to rise, especially when several of the college students asked for our approval of them sledding down half naked, we gave them approval which lead them to, later on, ask us for our approval of them sledding down… fully naked. Too bad none of us had brought a camera, for these are nights to remember.

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