1 January 2017

Every athlete? Or every soccer player? This particular Nike advertisement is trying to bring excitement and passion to the viewer. It is trying to bring the viewer to a state of mind in which he or she is really “pumped”. Where the viewer can fully understand and intake the broad yet specific message that can directed to every athlete, soccer player and your average Joe. When looking at this advertisement the viewer is able to notice that there are three main descriptions.

Each one targets a certain audience but all together target everyone. In this advertisement Nike does not target a specific product but targets the whole Nike industry. The first symbol that is noticed in the ad, a person in this case, that the viewer notices is this “random” guy screaming as if just winning something valuable, a game, prize, etc.. That random guy is meant to target anyone who sees the advertisement because everyone would like to win something as “big” as what this guy has seem to won and would also like to feel that state of thrill.

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Even though the viewer might have clue who this man is or might not even know company that created the commercial he or she will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from just noticing the man’s facial and body expressions. The second description that is noticed in the advertisement is Nike’s famous “Just Do It” check mark logo trademark. Nike is known throughout most of the world; and most people are familiar with the Nike brand and its products. This element focuses on many athletes in general because Nike as a manufacturer produces athletic gear and products anywhere from mouth guards to tennis rackets.

Even Nike’s “formal” line of clothing is sporty looking. A good number of people who would identify the “Just Do It” trademark and check mark logo as a representative of Nike are probably athletes or have some background knowledge that Nike is a sporting good company and with this advertisement specifically this element (logo and trademark). Nike is in particular reaching out to athletes or people who have a more enhanced knowledge of Nike, its logos and its products as well. Wayne Rooney is the final element that this advertisment uses to communicate to the reader.

Only people who know this man are those who are familiar with soccer. People who would most likely identify this man as soccer are mostly soccer fans of Rooney or are familiar with his work. The viewer can either be a general soccer fan, a Manchester United fan, or English fan or all of them. The viewers who are not familiar with soccer or Wayne wouldn’t recognize him. They wouldn’t know that he is a soccer player who plays for Manchester United club and England’s national soccer team as well.

So just with knowing Wayne Rooney would mean that this advertisement targets soccer fans, Manchester United fans and English fans. If it’s either the warrior man, “Just Do it”, check mark, or Wayne Rooney these elements that Nike uses can be broad and very specific at the same time according to the viewer’s background information about each element. If a viewer does not find a relationship between any of the symbols used in this advertisement then Nike is probably producing products that are not suitable for that particular viewer.

This advertisement is trying to give the viewer some kind of excuse (excitement, background information about the company and its logos and trademarks) to bring Nike and the viewer on equal grounds as well as promote Nike’s products. Overall, the purpose of this advertisement is to give the viewer a few elements that he or she might bond with according to their background information and get the viewer to be more familiar with “Nike” and its products.

Nike is trying to tell this viewer on a general scale that it supports his or hers enthusiasm about sports and adrenaline as well as communicating with the viewer on a more precise scale, which is soccer. This advertisement also uses pathos and ethos to better communicate with the audience. Pathos is used in the intensity of winning and pride. Ethos is used in awakening the athlete through Rooney and “Just Do It”. Nike’s advertisement is not solely focusing on one product but on Nike itself as a sporting good company and producer.

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