Nitun Kundu: from Art to Enterprise Essay Sample

10 October 2017

1. Sum up the instance.
2. ‘Entrepreneurs use left-brain accomplishments to reap right-brain ideas’ . Explain the statement analysing the life narrative of Nitun Kundu. 3. Which term is appropriate for the originative activities of Nitun Kundu – ‘Windows’ or ‘Corridors’ ? Justify the sentiment.

1. Summary of the Case ( Nitun Kundu – from Art to Enterprise )

The celebrated creative person Nitun Kundu was born in a lower in-between category household on December 3 at Barobandar. Dinajpur in 1935. He was non merely a celebrated creative person but besides a dynamic interior decorator. fervent painter. freedom combatant every bit good as a successful enterpriser. By born he was originative minded and in this effect. after finishing his school matriculation. he acquire admitted Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University in the section of picture. The diligent and dedicated Kundu passed a mensurable clip in his pupil life. so his professors loved him and excused him to take leave to gain excess money by painting film postings. The immature Kundu ne’er lamented on his fiscal state of affairs ; instead became determined to make something creative through the inspiration of Zainul Abedin. Quamrul Hassan and Abonindo Thakur. This mastermind completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and stood 1st in his section. He wished to fall in as a module member of Fine Arts Institute but he took up the place of Chief Designer for cultural activities in the United States Information Service ( USIS ) . After 12 old ages of service at USIS. he left the organisation and one time once more hoped to go a faculty member of Fine Arts Institute.

But the dream remained unrealized to the nationalist Kundu because during the seventiess. he immersed himself in the Liberation war. He used to paint streamers and postings for the war and one of his iconic postings of that clip was “Shodajagroto Banglar Muktibahini” . After Independence of Bangladesh. Kundu married in 1972 and became a male parent in1974 with birth of his girl Amiti Kundu and subsequently his boy Amitesh Kundu. The responsible Kundu realized that he had a household of his ain to take attention of. He turned his life room into his studio where he made little wooden and clay ornament pieces- which he sold and gain plenty to run his family. Subsequently the endowment Kundu joined with BTOPI as a interior decorator and the company was really pleased with his work. He gained experience and expertness in this field and decided to open his owned company named OTOBI and rented a topographic point on Elephant Road and a little mill on Tophaka Road. OTOBI grew bigger and bigger. but even so Kundu made certain that he taught some accomplishments and techniques to his employees by manus. He visited carnivals and mills all across the universe to familiarise himself with the latest designs and engineerings.

Now his girl Amiti caputs OTOBI as the manager and his boy Amitesh is the pull offing manager. Kundu had taught them good about the societal duty of a concern organisation. He was a superb enterpriser and ever prioritized client satisfaction. but made no via media in footings of aesthetics. This advanced creative person did a batch for our state. He designed National Film Award trophy. Asia Cup Cricket trophy. BTV-Natun Kuri. Ekushey Padak. President Gold Cup and so on. He was besides the Godhead of ‘Shabash Bangladesh’ statue at Rajshahi University. ‘SAARC Fountain’ at Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue. historic ‘Indira Mancha’ at Suhwardy Uddyan. ‘Sampan’ at Chittagong Airport etc. Before his decease he won a figure of awards and rubrics. including ‘Ekushey Padak’ in 1997 and Bangladesh Business Award with OTOBI as the Enterprise of the twelvemonth in 2001.

2. “Entrepreneurs use left-brain accomplishments to reap right-brain ideas” : Explanation of the Statement on the footing of life narrative of Nitun Kundu.

The persons who are able to utilize left-brain accomplishments to reap right-brain thoughts or creativeness are successful enterpriser. But unluckily. many persons are merely gifted at one or other. The left-brain properties are consciousness. reason. analytical ability and logic. On the other manus. right-brain properties are unconsciousness. non-rationality. intuitiveness and synthesis. Here we discuss about how Nitun Kundu used left-brain accomplishments to reap right-brain thoughts.

Right-Brain Left-Brain
Unconscious Conscious: : After birth of Amiti in 1974. when Nitun Kundu had no occupation so he decided to do little wooden and clay ornament pieces. with the assistance of local crafts-men. which he sold in his closely knit circle to gain plenty to run his family. Then he joined with BITOPI as a interior decorator and he gained expertness and experience in this field. and finally decided to open his ain company OTOBI. Now it is really clear that foremost Kundu was incognizant and unfocussed on furniture concern and so bit by bit he became more cognizant and focused about the concern.

Non-rational Rational: : When Nitun Kundu joined with the BITOPI so he had no desire to establish such sort of concern i. e. he had some spatial imaginativeness without way. But after geting the concern cognition and experience. he decided to establish a new venture i. e. he found some kind of assurance of witting mold of furniture concern.

Intuitive Analytic: : In the late seventies. when Nitun Kundu started OTOBI. he had some thoughts and experiences which were gained from BTOPI. But to do the OTOBI bigger and bigger. Kundu visited carnivals and mills all across the universe to familiarise himself with the latest designs and engineerings. Here it is clear that he used cognition in distinct applications to measure the furniture concern. The right-brain accomplishments are important for the vision necessary to be originative. but invention does non happen until left-brain rationalisation take topographic point. Integrating sensitivities from both encephalons is the critical behaviour needed to be a successful enterpriser like Nitun Kundu. to utilize left-brain accomplishments to ‘harvest’ right-brain thoughts.

3. Justification of Opinion:
‘Windows’ or ‘Corridor’ – which term is appropriate for the originative activities of Nitun Kundu?

A ‘window’ is a clip skyline during which chances exist before something else happens to extinguish them. A alone chance. one time shown to bring forth wealth. will pull rivals. and if the concern is easy to come in. the industry will quickly saturated. On the other manus. another facet of many successful ventures is called ‘corridor’ rule. It suggests that chances evolve from enterprisers being positioned in similar work or holding had experience with related ventures so that when a ‘window’ opens. it is easy for them to travel rapidly into a new venture. So. the term ‘window’ is appropriate for the originative activities of Nitun Kundu.

He introduced OTOBI in the late seventies. During that clip. he had no rivals except BITOPI. For this ground. it was a really alone chance and really easy to come in in the market. Besides. BITOPI imported furniture from abroad but OTOBI trades with autochthonal accomplishments. constructs and engineerings. The furniture of OTOBI was designed harmonizing to the originative constructs of Nitun Kundu. He took advantages of “windows of opportunities” . He visited many carnivals and mills all across the universe to familiarise himself with the latest designs and engineerings. and implemented those in OTOBI. Nitun Kundu had no wise mans for usher his venture. He generated the thoughts & A ; constructs. and rectify them harmonizing to his ain manner.

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