No Black Friends

4 April 2015
A look at the sit-com “Friends” and why there seems to be almost no African-American main characters or extras featuring in the series.

This paper examines this popular show and provides a brief summary of the main characters and current events in the series. It analyzes the viewers poll charts and ratings which indicate the series is more popular among white viewers and that this is not a surprising trend. The opinions of the producers are provided as they try to explain the reasoning behind this “controversial” decision.
“For a show that is supposed to represent the trials and tribulations of Generation-Xers, it would appear that either there are no African Americans among Generation-Xers or African American Generation-Xers do not experience the same trials and tribulations as white Generation-Xers. Or so NBC’s Friends sitcom would have viewers believe. This paper endeavors to explore the reasons behind the lack of inclusion of an African American among the dynamic six or even among the regular extras.”
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