No Doubt and Gwen Stefani by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been an influence in pop culture; she said began as a young inspired teenager filled with a rebellious attitude in Orange County, Calif. She rules the world with her energetic voice and extremely creative mind.

She has written her own lyrics and designs her own clothing line, Love, Angel, Music, Baby [LAMB], which has been viewed as a serious clothing network by high fashion designers and is greatly admired by fans around the globe. The essence of Gwen is sewed into every shirt, skirt, and jeans in the collection, showing her ideas.

Her greatest accomplishment is, and will always be, her music. All of her music has topics that deal with personal troubles whether it is about love, break ups, or songs about women’s rights and also opposing racism.

She puts her thoughts and feelings into her music without limitations, like an open diary she sings about past relationships. Stefani’s greatest hit, “Hollaback Girl,” has lines like “So I’m gonna fight/gonna give it my all/gonna make you fall/gonna sock it to you/that’s right/I’m the last one standing/another one bites the dust.”

Gwen started off in the band No Doubt and from the beginning stood out. Critics could always point her out in the band and see the brightness from her inner star; it could easily be seen in one of their music videos, “Don’t Speak.”

Stefani wrote all of No Doubt’s music including their well known singles, and wrote No Doubt’s 15 hits, four albums, and win two Grammys.

No Doubt has rejoined and put out another studio album named Push and Shove, this album is the bands 6th and has given them two singles, “Posh and Shove” and “Settle Down”.

Beforehand in 2004 to 2008, Gwen started her own solo projects. This marked her as a great female artist, pop culture diva, and a serious musician to be reckoned with.

The first track “What you waiting for” become her first hit, off her first solo album named Love, Angel, Music, Baby and her second solo album named The Sweet Escape she received a number of hits combined from both albums including “Luxurious,” ”Crash,” ”Rich Girl,” and “The Sweet Escape.”

What people love most about Stefani is that she has the influence of Harajuku an area of clothing stores around Harajuku Station on Yamonote Line in Shibuya ward in Tokyo, Japan. She includes that Japanese culture into her music and with style.

G.S brought the Harajuku girls, a dance crew from Japan, to her music videos and performances and then based her second clothing line on the group calling it “Harajuku Lovers.” By spreading the love of the Harajuku style to teenagers and adults, her products have influenced the next generation of teenagers.

Stefani makes real music, has real style, and of course real creativity. She inspires the younger generation.

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