No Rainbow No Roses

10 October 2016

Trane does not want her family see her die, but another reason that she also doesn’t want to die alone that’s why she wants the writer to stay there with her. What would you do if tomorrow is the end of world? Will you do a best thing for any one? Most of people will say they will eat, sleep, play, love or shop till the end of world comes, they think for themselves before they think for others. Nowadays, people’s lifestyle are very selfish, they can do everything just get what they want, but sometimes people forget that between the busy life still exist the thing is called humanity.

I have read the article from internet that the son hit his mom because she did not listen to him and did what he wanted. Or the son chased his parents out of the house because of the brothers jealousy.

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No Rainbow No Roses
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The relationship between parents and children are very close and nothing can change or replace it. But how can some people are so betrayal their parents. Everyone has one father and one mother, and no one in the earth can love us as our parents, we should respect our parents when they are still alive.

In another article that I have read, some of people who live around us still have a charity heart, they help people without reason that people love to bring happiness to unlucky people. A lot of charities are organized around the world, that make everybody know in this world there are still many humane feeling, always ready to help them whenever they need. The article help me to realize that people come to people by many ways, but if I come to people by my heart, they will do the same as I do.

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