Describe your interest in your chosen field of study

12 December 2018

Question: describe your interest in your chosen field of study and how you will use your degree upon graduation, how will a scholarship assist you attaining your goals, and share any unique experiences or qualities that may distinguish you from other deserving candidates.My dad always tells me, “Do your best and you’ll achieve what you want.” Every morning he tells me that. Even though it gets on my nerves, I always remember what he says.

He is just telling me for my own good and he wants the best for me. Since I would be the first girl of my two sisters to graduate high school, I’m going to show him and my family that I can do it.As a child, I would always tell my parents and siblings that I wanted to be a pediatrician. It is my passion, and I love to be around kids. I like to help them and I just want the best for them. I want to achieve my dream of one day becoming a doctor.After high school I will be going to Metro State University, and I will work very hard so that my dream will become true.

Describe your interest in your chosen field of study Essay Example

To make sure I achieve this dream I will maintain good grades, I will be responsible for my actions and academics, and I will stay focus on my goal.Even though there may be obstacles going on in my life, I will not giveup my dream. There might be a lot of dreamers out there that gave up and did not achieve their goal, but I will not be one of them. Some that gave up might have been because they did not get any support from their family.If I would get this scholarship it would help me with many things. One thing it would help me with is that my parents would not have to spend that much money or stress. Also I will be the first girl from my sisters to go to college.

My two older sisters became pregnant at a young age. I have learned a lot from them because they did not finish school. I also see them struggling and I don’t want to be like them. Now that they are older they look at me and they are proud of me because I will graduate from high school. When they see me they always tell me, “echale ganas!” “Do your best.”

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