Noita by Korpiklaani

9 September 2019

You know, no offense to anyone of you native Finnish speakers but the Finnish language is exceptionally weird and crazy when compared to the likes of say German, Swedish and even Greek. It’s like it was built to be used in a very folky and outdoorsy nature and doesn’t all that much sense to me.
Well now that that’s out of the way, Korpiklaani is a metal band band from Finland that can fall under the genre of Finnish Folk Metal and much like Ensiferum, have been around since the mid 90s. Part of the New Wave of Folk Music scene, they are generally a band that you’d want to listen to when doing something else because of the way they write which is usually short catchy tracks that go by in a second. I have also talked about Tervanskanto so I do recommend you see that review as well.
Noita is a kind of unique album when compared to some of their other works. In this case, it’s because this is more of a conceptual based album that has to do with shamans and witchdocters and that sort of stuff. In fact, Shaaman(I believe that’s how you would’ve spelled it) was going to be their name when the Brazilian power metal band came along and screwed this over for them so I guess you can say it comes full circle. This album isn’t very long in hindsight being only 45 minutes, 50 minutes if you count the 11th bonus track. While the short 3-4 minute tracks can be considered fine and dandy and satisfying, what I’m in for are the longer, slower tracks like Lempo which is one of the singles along with Sehti. Also, all of the track titles are in Finnish so for a foreign speaker such as myself, it will be hard to pronounce these names which I have attempted to the best of my ability. The longer tracks as I’ve mentioned, make for my favorites in the album because it provides a nice change of pace to the breakneck speeds of the other tracks and promotes some diversity as well and I find that to always be a good thing. This is an album that newcomers may also find enjoyable because it basically is the classic Korpiklaani that they have been since day one and still use this formula to their advantage. I can say many good things about this album but that would take a while. Let’s get to the ratings….
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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