Non Political Revolutions

9 September 2016

What is a revolution? A revolution is a call for change. Not all revolutions have been about government, meaning that they were not about going to war to change a government. Some revolutions were for economic, intellectual and social changes. Two of these revolutions were the Industrial Revolution and The Commercial Revolution. Both of these revolutions have brought many changes to their societies. The industrial Revolution began in Britain in the late 1700s.

Before the industrial revolution people worked from home using hand tools or basic machines. Industrialization introduced special purpose machinery, factories and mass production. These machines would make it possible for products to be done faster and in greater amounts. These factories were built in cities. The people that liven in the country side saw a better way of living in the cities after the industrial revolution, this led to urbanization.

Non Political Revolutions Essay Example

This revolution raised the standard of living for many people, mostly for the middle and upper classes. However, life for the poor and working classes was still very challenging. Most of the time wages for the people that worked were low and the working conditions were poor. Industrialization also took away jobs for some people. Some craftspeople were replaces by machines. Because of so many people arriving from the country side urban and industrialized areas became overcrowded and polluted making diseases way easier to spread and catch.

The Commercial Revolution was a period of European economic expansion, colonialism and mercantilism which lasted from the 16th century until the early 18th century. The Commercial Revolution increased trade and price inflation which led to the creation of new working class. The commercial Revolution also led to what is called the Colombian exchange, in which animals, plants an diseases were transported between the old world to the new world.

The Commercial revolution led to the discovery of the new world which had many exotic products that the Europeans wanted like gold and silver. The excessive trade of gold and silver caused economic growth in Europe and that’s when banks and credit facilities were built. The commercial revolution also had negative impacts such as price inflations which was bad for poor people because even though they were the one that worked the most in farming and everything else they were still not able to afford the high prices on products.

This created a bigger gap between the rich and poor people. Non political revolutions, just like political revolutions have had many impacts on their society. Both the commercial revolution and the industrial revolution gave their societies a better way of living and new chances to develop new ways to make money. Most of these improvements and developments are still used in the modern world such as trades and factories.

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