Norah Jones– Feels Like Home

8 August 2019

Mellow and enchanting, Norah Jones’ second CD pulls listeners into a world of awe and peace. In 2002, “Come Away With Me” earned eight Grammys. The 2004 follow-up, believe it or not, is even better.

Norah Jones, born in 1979, simply has a voice unlike any other. She possesses a rare talent to sing any type of music she wants and still retain her own sound. Unlike many, her music does not make your ears ache after a certain amount of time. Instead, her melodious voice carries listeners to a place of serenity, allowing anyone to relax.

Norah Jones– Feels Like Home Essay Example

This CD is the perfect choice for winding down after a long day. Songs like “Humble Me” and “The Prettiest Thing” are so beautiful that you must simply stop what you’re doing and listen. If you’re not in a mellow mood but still want to hear amazing vocals and wonderful instrumentals, try “Sunrise” or “Toes.”

No matter what, though, the beauty of Norah Jones is that anyone can find her sound smooth and serene. It almost hints at folk or blues music, and still remains mellow enough to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Lyrically, Jones is captivating. She is the quintessence of “less is more,” for although she doesn’t always sing long or detailed lyrics, she never fails to paint an image.

Mellow and beautiful are simple words, but they accurately describe the music of Norah Jones.

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