Norms and Cultures

4 April 2015
A brief examination of problems that a newcomer faces when joining an organization and attempting to conform to new norms and cultures.

This paper defines what culture is and discusses what hurdles an outsider faces when joining a new organization. The focus is an example of a new work place and dress code ethics.
“Culture had been defined not as the behavior of the people living in it; it is the “it” in which they live. The culture of an organization includes the language, dress codes, and habits of the operations, value systems, an ethics’ code, attitude and interactions between various strata of the organization and work principles. Norms-are the organized and shared ideas of what the members in the organization do and feel, and how these norms should be regulated. The basic needs are physiological, needs for security, affiliation, to feel self-esteem and for self-actualization (Harvey and Brown, 1976).”
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