6 June 2019

Something Corporate’s latest CD, “North,” has been said to be a complete turn around from their last three albums. Not only does “North” show how talented the band is musically and lyrically, this was recorded with no added studio effects so it has the feel and flavor of a live show.

“North” displays Something Corporate’s sophisticated songwriting skills and is focused around emotive, heartfelt lyrics. It is easy to see how their lyrics have matured since earlier albums. Their sound has mellowed from the combination of punk and pop to a softer, melodic rock. Even though their overall style has mellowed, their lyrics have been described as both a darker and more mature approach to songwriting.

With verses like “There you go for the last time, I finally know now what I should have known then that I could still be ruthless if you let me,” “Ruthless” illustrates how this album is based on the hard and depressing times everyone faces.

Along with the real-life stories they have included, they also take other routes. In “Me and the Moon,” the band paints a picture of the miserable life of a married couple, which shows the more creative and dark side of SoCo’s music.

Something Corporate has never claimed to be any one type of band, and they definitely have a style all their own. They have been classified as punk rock, emotive, modern-rock, pop and many other styles through the years.

According to their website, the members of the band have described this album as being “not emo, not punk, just rock.” North displays the many talents of the group.

Something Corporate is known as the “Rock Music Melting Pot” and this latest album shows this precisely. It is an incredible mix of musical talent, great instrumentals, heartfelt and vivid lyrics, and fantastic vocals that makes for an awesome album. No matter what genre you listen to, you are sure to find “North” a favorite.

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