Norway, the New Way

4 April 2015
A discussion of Norway’s political, economic and societal performance.

This paper presents a focused look at the national performance in the country of Norway. The writer explores several areas including; politics, economics and societal issues in determining how the national performance looks.
When we think of nations in the world that affect the globalization process we think of many things. We consider politics, economics and societal issues in the mix and we try and determine what is happening in each nation and how that will contribute to the worldwide process to globalize. The nation of Norway has been a relatively quiet player in the world events for many years. Recently it seems to have awakened from its sleep and has become a key contributor in many economic areas including the production of oil. The United States is a large element in the total world globalization process and the ability to export food and other agricultural products to Norway from the US would benefit both nations.

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