Not afraid by Eminem

Eminem’s song, “Not Afraid”, is a song that inspires people to face their fears and to not be scared. He describes that he is done with making the wrong decisions and tired of being scared and hiding, he’s ready to come out and face his fears. This song is very inspiring but interesting, because compared to all of his other songs such as, “White America”, or “The Real Slim Shady”. But it seems Eminem has a soft spot in his heart, no matter how hard or how tough he seems or makes himself out to be. Yes, his songs are very filthy because of his seemingly never ending arsenal of curse words that he has, (which makes sense, he was an A+ student in English), but while people look at the bad parts about him and how nasty he is,there are actually good parts to his songs and he actually has a message behind some of his songs, if not most of them. At times his songs can be meaningless and at times funny for some people, but the rest of them have a deep, heart filled message, and wether it’s hating the world, confessing some of the sins he has and wishes he could go back and erase his mistakes that he made, or expressing his sadness for rap wars going out of hand and people dying, there is more to Eminem than meets the eye. On another note, in the song, “Not Afraid”, the way he blends his words and says them at the right beat and at the right time, all points back to him using a iambic perimeter,(something that Shakespeare himself used while writing his pieces.). Shakespeare and Eminem are very alike believe it or not. The reason being because they both use their lyrics, creativity, and vast knowledge of the English language and sounds. Yes, Shakespeare himself is old and was different compared to Eminem but the fact of the matter is, Eminem has the same tone as Shakespeare did. My overall review of this song is a 4 star rating because of his message, his tone, his lyrics, and his music, but also because he just uses to much bad language which I don’t recommend for kids. His lyrics compared to other rappers today though are so much more thought out and more creative than anyone else could or ever will dream of. I hope he continues to make better music like this and continues to grow in the rap community and grows to go down as one of the greats

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