Not Enough Time to Spend with Family Members

1 January 2017

One doesn’t have to look far, in current circumstances throughout the world, to see that people are migrating from one country to another to earn bread and butter. There is a widely held view that, due to this trend, vast numbers of people are not able to spend quality time with their nearer and dearer ones. Similar to every other trend, there is no exception in this case also that it has its own ups and downs. To begin with, it is abundantly clear that due to globalization, opportunities are not limited to one corner of the world.

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Not Enough Time to Spend with Family Members
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Simultaneously intensive competition is present for each such chance. To prove mettle, Individuals are ready to sacrifice their family member’s feelings, joy and agree to work on remote location without family. Moreover, parents are forced to celebrate festivals, birthdays and auspicious days without their kids. Last but not least, they feel gap in life when their kids are not around during their bad phase. At the other end of the spectrum, it brings sense of satisfaction when caretakers see their kids, who are now grown human being, working with multinational organizations.

Due to higher wages and salary, they can afford luxurious items like car and furniture. In my personal experience, I have seen that my parents are now living affluent and comfortable life. This is largely due to my increased income which happened when I move to Australia from India. However, we missed each other during celebrations and functions At the end of the day, I pen down saying that once has to be flexible to survive in this world which is now running on 24X7. I strongly believe that separation for short time can bring happiness for long time.

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