Not Today by BTS

BTS–consisting of the band members Jungkook, V, Jin, Rap Monster, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope–are from South Korea. The Korean boy band focuses on K-pop, with the twist of English in their lyrics. Starting with Skool Luv Affair Special Addition to Love Yourself: Her, the beats of tech, pop, and rap have combined together to create these outstanding albums that satisfy their fans. From the album “You Never Walk Alone”, there is a song that gives off this strong message of winning that some might mistake for boasting.
“Not Today” is a song that tells all the weaklings that today is their day to fight. Using the lyrics “All the underdogs in the world…/ A day may come when we lose…/ But it is not today…/ Today we fight!”, BTS sends the message that as weak as you are, you have some fight in you and with that, there is hope for a better you. “If you can’t fly, run…/ Today we will survive…/ If you can’t run, walk…/ Today we will survive…/ If you can’t walk, crawl…/” conveys that if we run into an obstacle, then it is our job to be sure there are other choices we can make to escape that fate. With the touching and understanding lyrics of “Forget about the fear in your eyes…/ Let go of what scares you…/” swoons the audience by the meaning that fear shouldn’t overpower us and instead it should be our motivator.
Repetitions such as “Point, aim, shoot!” makes fans go wild because this lyrical line is the line in which is the entire motivation in the song. This means that they’ll shoot down those who make them feel weak and target their fears. Also with “We won’t die, don’t ask…/ Scream, not not today…/ Don’t kneel, we won’t cry…/ Hands up, not not today…/ Hey not not today…/ Hey not not today…/ Hey not not today” emphasizes that BTS is not willing to give up on what they worked so hard for. “Not not today! Not, not today!/ Hey crow-tits, everyone, hands up…/ Hey friends, hands up…/ Hey, if you trust me, hands up” Is also conveying that no matter who you are what your beliefs are, you are still in the fight and should trust the people around you.
The fast, pounding rhythm in “Not Today” which is made into more prospect with the stomping choreography. The entire band is being chased and shot at, making the whole message of the song fit snugly with its lyrics. Behind the scenes, the Korean boys express how much fun it was to film the music video and love filming for ARMY, their fan base. “Not Today” has been one of the longest music video duration due to the need for the choreography to be perfect. They filmed the intro scene over and over again, the scene where BTS is being chased by black ninja figures and are being shot at from off screen. It was due to Rap Monster and V not being able to “fall like a wounded man”. The director kept commenting on Jungkook and Suga that they really are dancers because they made falling look delicate.
Personally, I believe“Not Today” is one of BTS’ most dedicated work ever done by BTS. With the sudden boldness that shook all of ARMY, BTS has won many awards this past year. With the clash of a New Zealand background with determined loud music, this particular piece has become even more spectacular than it was when they released the song. I give BTS, “Not Today” five stars due to my new knowledge of K-pop and BTS doing an amazing job to impress my bitter judgment.

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