Nothing Was The Same by Drake

7 July 2019

Drakes highly anticipated album “Nothing Was The Same” came out at 12am this morning. & i brought it right at 12. I listened to it 3 times throughout the night & im still listening to it now. This is Drakes 3rd album. Thank Me Later & Take Care are his 2 albums before this one. Thank Me Later was his freshman album & he showed a lot of his potential. Take Care was the album that really put him on the charts. That was his 2nd album & it really put him in a league of his own. But I will go as far to say that Nothing Was The Same topped Take Care. Nothing Was The Same is a well put together album.

Drakes music varies from hip-hop, RnB, & rap. This album had a whole new sound to it. Nothing Was The Same hangs it’s hat with a somber, gloomy feel that takes you in the mind of Drake as he raps & sings about being underrated, loving women, and bragging about himself.

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Every song gives you a clear visual of what Drake wants you to see. Whether its sad & lonely or having a good time at a party with your friends.

Drake has really come into his own as a famous rapper, even though you can tell he got a little bit of his sound from other artist that he himself is inspired by. Artist like The Weekend, when it comes to the feel of the song. Also Justin Timberlake when it comes to his vocals. Nothing Was The Same was a great way & a great time in his career to showcase his new skills,musically.

From this album I learned a lot bout Drake. From his personal thoughts, past relationships & family troubles. I also learned that he is trying to get back to his old self again. He puts a red beam on saying “I want to get back to that kid who was living in his mama’s basement on” on his track “From Time”. This album was a spectacular was of Drake telling his fans he wants to get back to the basics.

In my honest opinion, I don’t think anyone will top this album this year. This whole album flows smoothly together, each having two parts to it. Almost like a twist in a movie. Drake shows great versatility on this album. If you havent heard it yet, i really recommend that you should. Its worth the money.

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