Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish

4 April 2015
This paper discusses how the French Revolution caused Ireland to rebel in the late 1700s.

This paper examines the question: to what extent did the French Revolution affect the 1798 rebellion in Ireland. The author discusses the revolutionary era, the similarities between the causes of the French Revolution and the 1798 rebellion, the differences between Catholics and Protestants, and France?s efforts to invade Ireland.
Following 110 years of a general national peace, the Irish Rebellion of 1798 took place in the middle of the Revolutionary Era and at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The Revolutionary Era was a time when all, or most European nations were revolting, usually against oppressions created during the Industrial Revolution, and in doing so, initiating themselves into the new, modern world. The printing press was in wide use, furthering the spread of ideas quickly and efficiently. The Catholic Church was ever more menacing, taxes and rents were at all-time highs, and reformists were calling all Europeans to act. France had revolted in 1789 and emotions had only escalated since throughout Europe , and Ireland was one of the nations caught in the crossfire.

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