Novels and Life

4 April 2015
Novelists’ uses of their own life experiences in characters & story lines. Farewell To Arms ( Ernest Hemingway ), The Stranger ( Albert Camus ) & Things Fall Apart ( Chinua Achebe )

Novelists often derive elements of their work from their own lives, shaping themes, developing characters, and even borrowing entire situations from their own experience. Every artist does this, turning to his or her own experience in some degree as a source, with resulting correspondences between their own experience and their work ranging from slight to extensive. The way three authors used their own experience in their work Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, and Chinua Achebe/*shows how the life experience of an author becomes fodder for his or her literary output, and especially how it shapes the development of the main characters they create.

Novels and Life Essay Example

The main character in Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms shares much in common with the author, who used his own World War I …experiences as an ambulance driver in telling the story of

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