Nstp 1

2 February 2017

Taking up NSTP 1 is fun and informative at the same time. I have learned many things from the beginning of the lecture about the bill of rights, up to the last meeting . Also I learned much about the environment and known whatever I learned there, will never be forgotten just that I should be able to apply the knowledge I have acquired.

Before , I thought that disaster just cause destruction to human lives and material but the truth is it also disrupts the function of society.I also found out that the reason why disaster occur is not onlybecause of the climate change or unbalanced ecosystem, but also because of the “low level of political and social organization “ , which has been discussed by Mr. Abraham so I realized, in order to prevent disasters, we should be united, organized and start doing good things for the environment.Ihad a lots of fun listening to the lecture about drugs too, although I have completely made up my mind not to take any harmful dgurs, the informatio have lheard will be of great help. I will be more careful not to trust strangers, now that I know that there is ROHYPNOL, the ‘Date Rape Drug’ which cause amnesia, fatigue, dizziness to the victim. I really enjoyed the lessons about Disaster and Risk Management, I learned about how to be safe in times of disasters like earthquakes,tsunami and many more.In NSTP 1 , I have been taught to be responsible adult.

Nstp 1 Essay Example

The last lecture encourage me more participate since it is in factone of our basic human rights which we often neglect. I also made up my mind that I will be taking for NSTP II because I want to help children and share what I know without asking for anything in return. By doing simple things, we can contribute to our nation’s development because remember that big things come from small things.

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