NSTP documentary Literacy training center

7 July 2016

NSTP made its way by literacy training by engaging in some services like peer tutoring program, with an active cooperation and participation of knowledge channel team. Its goal is to apply appropriate literacy about what we learned for the whole semester. The knowledge channel volunteers from rescue 177 provide us a seminar. This is composed of self-knowledge and instructional plan.

The literacy training service that is offered by National Service Literacy Program (NSTP) and the program of knowledge channel for public schools provide an excellent training service for some student who lack literacy and is in need of additional time of learning. We went to their Rescue Training Center to have a seminar by the help of our NSTP professor Ms. Ericka. We started our day by dividing all the students who attend NSTP Training into group. Each group must have a leader and for our group, Michelle Villegas my block mate volunteered herself to be our representative.

NSTP documentary Literacy training center Essay Example

To start our activity our instructors introduced their self for us to know who are they and they said that we must call them Sir and Ma’am. The first activity we did is about the different kind of bandages, there’s a lot of bandages that we can make for an injured person with a triangular bandage. After we learned about bandaging they give us a time to take our lunch. After an hour we moved to the Rappelling. First, our instructors discuss about the things or the equipment that we will be using for rappelling and then they show to us the proper way of using all the equipment or tools.

After that, they gave us an opportunity to try how to rappel but before that they teach us first the things that we need to do in rappelling and the different kind of rappelling. And then they let us experience rappelling. After that, one of the instructor in Rescue 177 which is a registered nurse gave us a lecture about Safety Services, it is tasked with a nationwide educational campaign to ensure the health and safety of the Filipino people. The first lesson we coped from the instructor is about First Aid.

The courses aim to equip participants with knowledge, skills and confidence in providing care for a person who has been injured or suddenly become ill. The trainings include lecture and demonstration on bandaging techniques, emergency transfers and common emergencies. Next is about accident prevention courses, this course aim to equip participants with knowledge, skills and confidence to perform management to a person whose breathing and heartbeat suddenly stopped.

The trainings include lecture and demonstration on performing foreign airway obstruction management, rescue breathing and CPR. In addition, it provides opportunities for us to apply the knowledge and skills that we have learned from the trainings. The last activity we did is they let us experience the right ways in giving a first aid of an injured person, the instructors assigned a patient for each group and the rest will be the rescuer.

They let us use what we learned in the whole training/seminar, the instructors just observe us while we’re doing the task and in the end, after we finish the task the instructor will check and observe if we did a right way to give a first aid on the patient. The whole day of our training is so tiredly but in exchange we learned many things that we can probably use when there’s an emergency. In general, this Literacy Training Service Is a success even there are some issues. Literacy is really invaded in the country.

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