Nurse Practitioners

4 April 2015
Examines changing roles & duties of specialized nurses in context of managed care & alternative health delivery systems.

Nevertheless, implementing NPs into the current health care system is facing some difficulties. The biggest sets backs have been from the opposition of general practitioners (physicians). General practitioners are nervous that nurse practitioners will be taking employment opportunities away that were previously dedicated to only doctors. And some doctors are even going to the extreme as of saying that nurse practitioners are so under qualified that they are dangerous. One doctor, Dr. Scott Stern, was reported saying, in most situations, patients are compromising their care and settling for less when they see someone other then a doctor…. To assume that somebody who has much less training is going to do as good a job just doesn’t make any sense (Perez, 2006). But, the role of the NP is not designed to replace any other member of the health care system, but rather is intended to work in relationships to improve timely access to care with a slightly different approach to care.

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