Nursing Image Analysis

4 April 2015

An analysis of the image of nurses and the nursing profession as portrayed by the media. This paper analyzes the image of nursing as depicted in the 1981 movie “Whose Life is it Anyway?” Although portraying a situation which is not commonly encountered in the day-to-day duties of nursing staff, the movie provides an excellent study of the roles, skills, characteristics and attitudes that nursing involves. Although the media’s portrayal of nursing has become less stereotypical since the making of Whose Life is it Anyway,? there is still a great deal of public misconception about the profession. Unfortunately, many images of nursing within the media are still unrepresentative of the modern profession, resulting in, on the one hand, nurses are highly valued as individuals, but on the other hand, nursing, defined as women’s work, is devalued and given low status in society (Hallan, 2000, p.7)

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