Nursing Philosphy Essay Sample

9 September 2017

There are six universe positions in nursing: organicism. mechanism. alteration. continuity. entirety. and simultaneousness. I identify most closely with entirety. I believe in non merely caring for the physical. but besides the emotional and religious. I believe 1s environment can positively or negatively influence one’s wellness and accommodating to it as it changes is of import for soundness of organic structure. head. and spirit. It is of import to hold cognition of wellness norms to steer nursing ends and have desirable results. Each of the six nursing universe positions vary in its reading of nursing’s metaparadigm. The metaparadigm includes human existences. environment. wellness. and nursing.

Interpretation is a major constituent of an individual’s frame for nursing pattern. To exemplify the construct of reading consider the undermentioned narrative: Two blind work forces encounter and elephant. One describes it to the other as a tree as he attempts to wrap his weaponries around one of the elephant’s legs. The other is convinced it is a serpent as he moves his custodies along the elephant’s bole. Neither is wholly right as it is in fact an elephant and non a tree or a serpent. yet neither is wholly incorrect in their reading of a serpent and a tree. This illustrates how each individual’s reading of the same thing can be radically different. Nursing’s Metaparadigm

Nursing Philosphy Essay Sample Essay Example

Human Beings

I believe human existences are created equal. They are to be respected. valued. and treated with compassion regardless of colour. race. gender. or socioeconomic position. Worlds are complex existences. They are biophysical. psychosocial. and religious existences. One can non be given merely to the religious demands of a individual when in fact what is needed most at that minute is a warm repast and a safe topographic point to kip for the dark. Thus. non one portion can be treated and another ignored without handling the other.


I believe environment is that in which human existences exist. There is an external environment of the physical universe and an internal environment. non merely of biophysical procedures. but of secret ideas and emotions of the processed external environment. Environment includes socioeconomic factors such as gender. household. community. and civilization. It encompasses that which can be experienced through the senses. An individual’s overall wellbeing can be negatively affected if unable to accommodate to a alteration in environment.


I believe wellness is a province of overall wellbeing. non simply the absence of disease. It is being physically. spiritually. and emotionally sound. Though I believe there to be different readings for wellness. I believe there are parametric quantities by which to step and advance optimum wellness. Just because an person may non physically experience unhealthy with a blood force per unit area of 140/90. doesn’t mean he or she is healthy. There are long-run effects when a bosom continuously works that difficult that can be irreversible.


I believe nursing is a service to humanity. It is advancing and keeping wellness while besides forestalling unwellness and lovingness for those who are badly. It is assisting return a individual to his or her optimum health-state physically. spiritually. and emotionally. Nursing is recommending for the rights of patients when they themselves are non able or cognizant of their rights. Nursing. as an art and a scientific discipline. is to supply individualised attention in reconstructing him or her to entirety.

Frame for Practice and Views on Nursing Education

My frame for nursing pattern has its foundation in the universe position of entirety. I believe every nursing course of study should be based on a theoretical model and have a strong accent on scientific clinical cognition and accomplishments. Nursing pedagogues have a enormous chance to model and learn nursing pupils to be the fruit of those who have labored before to do nursing its ain well-thought-of subject.

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