Nursing – Professionalism

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the difficulties faced by nursing in being defined as a profession.

This work analyzes the term professionalism and describes the struggle Nursing faces in try to be defined as a profession. It presents a history of Nursing from the days of Florence Nightingale and details the changes that have occurred in the field in modern day which justifies its fight for recognition.

From the paper:

“Stopper 98) Ever since the publication of Florence Nightingale?s classic nursing textbook, Notes on Nursing in 1859, nursing has been preoccupied with its image and status, not only within the health care environment, but also within society at large. This long journey through the slow process of professionalization is not quite over, and the recent increase in the level of debate could not have been better timed, coming as it does at a time when nursing faces the important challenges involved in adjusting to the emerging new order of health care delivery.

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