Nursing Shortage Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The expected population growing of the older grownup in the United States over the following few decennaries will hold a dramatic impact on its health care work force. As the aging population grows. the demand for wellness attention services will besides increase. more particularly from nurses. At the same clip. big Numberss of wellness attention workers will be retiring while this demand for wellness attention is on the rise. Although the nursing profession has the largest section of the U. S. health care work force. it is confronting deficit in Numberss due to the challenges in nursing instruction. economic fluctuations. decreased resources in establishments of higher instruction along with the high cost of prolonging nursing instruction plans. In response to these challenges. the AACN is working with pedagogues. legislators. media. and other organisations to convey attending to this wellness crisis. ( 1. AACN )

The alleged “baby boom” coevals ( people born between 1946 and 1964 ) is already holding an consequence on the wellness attention system and it is expected to turn as the century progresses. The figure of Americans age 65 and older will lift by more than 19 million to 54 million by 2020. ( 2. Impact ) . Likewise. the mean age of the nursing work force is besides mounting. About tierce of these nurses are older than 50 and more than half have expressed an purpose to retire in the following decennary. Therefore. the U. S. nursing deficit is projected to turn to 260. 000 registered nurses by 2025 ( 3. AllHealth ) .

Nursing Shortage Essay Sample Essay Example

In add-on to the aging population and health care work force. another lending factor impacting the nursing deficit is the demand of more intense health care services. Because of this. many of the nurses are describing high degrees of occupation dissatisfaction taking to a high turnover rate and early retirement among RNs. Despite the 37. 000 addition of added occupations in infirmaries. long-run attention installations. and other ambulatory attention scenes. many raised serious concerns about the slow production of RNs given the jutting demand for nursing services ( 1. AACN ) . Furthermore. nursing school registration is non turning fast plenty to run into turnover rates due to deficits in the figure of module. clinical sites. schoolroom infinite. and clinical dons non to advert budget restraints. Almost two-thirds of the nursing schools reacting to the study pointed to faculty deficits as a ground for non accepting all qualified appliers into their plans ( AACN ) .


2. Impact of Aging
( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Albany. edu/news/pdf_files/impact_of_aging_excerpt. pdf ) 3. AllHealth ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. allhealth. org/publications/Medicare/Health_Care_Workforce_104. pdf )

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