Nursing Staff Shortage and Patient Care

4 April 2015
The paper describes how the shortage of nursing staff in America is leading to compromised patient care.

The healthcare industry in the United States is facing a significant shortage of nurses, which is creating a major supply and demand problem in the country. The failure of the industry to meet the rising demand for efficient and experienced nurses calls for immediate attention and change as the dearth of nursing staff is resulting in compromised patient care. The paper addresses these issues and recommends some changes.
“Nursing shortage is a serious problem in the United States, as some 500,000 positions are lying vacant. It has been noticed that hospitals and care units in our country are faced with an extreme shortage of nurses and there are various reasons why the nursing workforce is diminishing resulting in a dearth of qualified people in this field. It has also been noted that women entering the workforce have more options available and thus few choose to enter managed health care units. The country is also facing a dearth of nurses due to a similar situation globally and lower employment rate locally. Nurses in our country are mostly above the age of 50 and the average age of nurses in the United States is 49. This shows that fewer younger people are entering the field, which is a complex issue and needs to be analyzed closely in order to seek an effective solution.”

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