Nursing Student Transitions

4 April 2015
Examines role of clinical training in transition from school to work. Theory, socialization, preceptorship programs, skills acquisition, self-perceptions.

In a 1968 study Kramer investigated the dimensions of role socialization in novice nurses and reasons for the early abandonment of the profession by nearly 30% of new nurses. Kramer (1968) concluded that one of the principal causes of this high dropout rate was conflict between the idealized training in caring which was provided by nursing schools and the task-centered approach of hierarchically organized workplaces. Since that time, the transition from nursing student to staff nurse has been studied extensively in terms of role conflict . . . between the professional values taught in nursing school and the bureaucratic values supported by the employing organization and increased clinical training of various types has been seen as the principal means of alleviating transition difficulties (Itano, Warren & Ishida, 1987, p. 69).
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