Nutrition Nutrients calories Hunger Appetite Glucose Amino Acids Saturated Fats Unsaturated Fats Trans Fats Adipose Tissue Cholesterol Nutrient-dense Body Image Fad Diets Weight Cycling Dietary supplements Performance Enhancer What are the 6 main nutrients? Define and give an example of each nutrient. 2. Which nutrients provide energy? 3. How do we use our nutrients? 4. What are the three types of Carbohydrates? 5. How many Amino Acids are there? Where can you obtain them? 6. What are “Essential” Amino Acids? How many are there? 7. What are the 2 main types of Vitamins?

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Give examples of each. 8. What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? 9. 10. What Is MyPy’ramld? 11. what are the five maln types of Fad Diets? Define each diet. 13. What affects your nutritional needs? 14. What is a vegetarian? Define the different types of vegetarianism. 15. How can food trigger different and dangerous health conditions? ffffffhfhdnfn sadh;ofwf dbiwefh;qef wqeh[9hf]arbfO wedpof European imperialism accelerated between 1870 and 1920, because of economic, political, and social forces. The Industrial revolution helped advance the European ations through technology.

These nations were able to control over many areas around the world. Economic forces such as survival of the fittest, political forces such as growing powers of governments, and social forces such as racism were most responsible for the new imperialism that began in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Economic forces played a huge role in the Europe’s nation. One example of the political forces would be, survival of the fittest. In Document 5, William L. Langer says, “But the economic side… must not be allowed to obscure the other factors. Psychologically speaking… volutionary teaching was perhaps most crucial. This is basically saying that, the economy should not be allowed to hide other factors. He is implying that the evolutionary teaching, “survival of the fittest” was the most crucial. He claims that it only brought out competition and struggle. Everybody is trying to compete to gain more money but with that comes struggle. Survival of the fittest was a huge economic force; it stands alone and is triumphant. Growingpowers of government were the most responsible political forces for the imperialism. In Document 9,the map of imperialism in Africa clearly shows the cause of imperialism.

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According to the key, there were many European countries that had settled in Africa. This was showing the growth of the European government throughoutall of Africa. Many Europeans believed they were better than other people. Racism was most responsible for the social force of he imperialism. In Document 4, Cecil Rhodes states, “l contend that we are the finest race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race… ” Cecile Rhodes believes the reason for imperialism is the different races. He believes that the “Britons” must inhabit th

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